Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How should I store my rug?

At some point you might need to store your rug, but stuffing it away in the loft, cellar or under the stairs, will just not do.  And storing it away in plastic is certainly not the solution.  And here is the reasons why.

Stored rugs are more at risk of deterioration and will attract the unwanted attraction of pests without the appropriate attention being paid to their storage conditions.

Here are a couple of tips on how to store them, so when they are eventually unfurled there are no big surprises waiting within.

Moth damage to rugs and carpets

Step 1

If the rug has been stained or soiled, get it cleaned before you store it away.  If that is the reason why you've decided to store the rug, then you don't want the rug to attract vermin, insects or cause further deterioration.  This can easily be done with the correct cleaning products, read the label but if you're unsure seek professional cleaning advice.

Step 2

Don't store the rug in plastic.  Storing the rug away in plastic will cause humidity to build up and cause the rug to become damp.  It will also be a great place for bacteria to grow.  Always store the rug away after it has been cleaned, store rolled up, not folded in either brown paper or Tyvek bag, which will also allow the rug to breath and protect it from any external moisture.

Storing rug advice

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