Thursday, 28 January 2016

What is your commercial carpet saying about your business or place of work?

How important to you are first impressions?  It's something that we don't like to admit to ourselves, because we are taught 'not to judge a book by its cover' but in everyday life and in business, we do and it only takes us a few seconds to sum up a person by their appearance, by the clothes they wear and by how they speak, and that first impression takes a lot to improve on or alter.

So it's just the same for our commercial buildings, such as schools, shops and offices.  In those circumstances, where business is everything, and our working surroundings are important to enable us to work and perform better in our jobs, we sometimes, let ourselves down and give a bad or false impression, which reflects on the work we do.

One place that is noticed immediately, in any office or public place of work, is the commercial carpet.  A part of the buildings furnishing which receives the highest volume of traffic, muddy boots and shoes with a constant flow of traffic.  In our homes, we able to control people wearing shoes but in schools and offices, it's another matter.

I just wanted to show you these photographs, from a recent visited to a local school, to show just how bad the carpets can get.

But with a regular cleaning maintenance schedule, you will be able to keep high volume of mess and dirt on carpets to a minimum.  And if looks like it might be too much work for a small team of cleaners, then you can always call for the cleaning experts, such as the Art of Clean.

First impressions last

Maintaining a regular carpet cleaning schedule will help in the long run

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