Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Why are you waiting to get your rug cleaned?

With the high prices of rugs, they are an investment and I guess you purchased your rug because you liked the look and feel of it and you thought it brightened up your home.  So, like any other financial commitment, they should be taken care off, otherwise your investment becomes dull and lifeless.

Regular cleaning will keep your rug looking and smelling like new

So, don't wait to get your rug cleaned.  If you feel the job might be too big to handle then call a reputable cleaning company, as by waiting you could not only be destroying the value but also damaging the rug itself.

Where you have a high volume of traffic, dirt and dust will actually scratch and cut the fibres, until the vibrancy of the rug is worn away.

If you look at like this, the harder materials will always wear out the softer materials, so if you let the dirt build up in your rug over time, your rug will wear out faster and it will lose its beauty and value.

The problem with rugs and carpets is that they attract dirt and dust and keep it locked in the fibres, and without regular and proper cleaning, bacteria can thrive in the carpet fibres.

And now for the horrible bit!

Now I'm not putting blame on our furry four legged friend and I know just how much you love them, but don't let stains caused by pets to dry, this includes pet urine and vomit.  No-one wants to live in unsanitary conditions.

The problem is handmade rugs are made with 'acidic dyes' this means the pet urine essentially 're-dyes' the fibres yellow and then sets itself.

At the Art of Clean, we recommend that this is dealt with immediately, as stains can be permanent, which of cause will most certainly devalue the rug.  And nobody wants that!

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