Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Why carpet cleaning? The Art of Clean Maintenance Plan

carpet cleaning cambridgeLet's face it, carpet cleaning is not something you spend a lot of time thinking about. That is not until you need to get your carpets cleaned. There are some key stage in life when carpet cleaning becomes necessary.

They are:

- When you give up your first rental home to move onto your own house - The carpets need cleaning so you get your deposit back.

carpet cleaning cambridge- Once on your own how you might choose to buy a VAX or similar to deal with small accidents on the carpets and furnishings. That is until that first big decoration job start and you move the bed and the sofa when you realize how dirty the carpets became. Now for some this is ideal to have the carpet cleaned once the decoration is done. Others might decide to have new carpets installed and once installed this is a perfect time to get your carpets protected with a Stain protector. This will help keep them cleaner for longer and prevent spills becoming permanent stains.

- All the furniture is back in place and the house is spick and span - What now? How can you keep the carpets looking that good for as long as possible. This is ideal to now consider a solution that gives you a more regular clean. A cleaning plan that will give you a spot clean when you spill that galls of whine on the carpet. It is also advised to have protector re-applied as it does wear off over time.

What is our Maintenance Plan?

The Art of Clean Maintenance Plan is just this type of carpet cleaning service. You get a deep clean and application of protector every 12 months as well as a free stain removal call out service to deal with the cleanup of any accidental spill.

The Maintenance Plan is an on-going maintenance plan designed to keep your floors and soft furnishings clean, healthy and looking good all year long, year after year. You will actually save more money than you realise because you can expect your floors and soft furnishings to last two to three times longer before you need to replace them. And best of all, they’ll always look good.  You get clean healthy floors and soft furnishing all year – which makes your home healthier! Would you like to find more information about our Maintenance Plan? Just click HERE.

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