Monday, 23 November 2015

Slate cleaning and sealing in Cambridge with Art of Clean

Take a wander down your road, take a left, then a right, twirl around and jump up and down. OK, the jumping up and down is excessive, but I guarantee you, that within a few seconds of stepping from your home, you’ve seen at least slate at least 50 times.

Most houses in Britain are over 80 years old. And while their facades may have weathered and their roofs needed replacing, it’s always slate that the roofers prefer. The thing is, it’s not only roofs that sporty slate finishing, many homes throughout the British Isles make use of Slate as a flooring option.

Slate is particularly suitable as a roofing material as it has an extremely low water absorption, making the material waterproof and if that can be said of a material used above the house, why not below it too. A water repellent floor is what we all strive for, but if it happens to look great too, even better.

Flooring options are so varied that it is all but impossible to specialise in just one. As a result, Art of Clean realised a long time ago that if they were to become the premier floor cleaning service in Cambridgeshire they would need to branch out. As such, we can now say, without a shadow of a doubt and without blowing our own whistle to loudly, Art of Clean are experts in cleaning ALL kinds of flooring.

Be it slate tiling or pine boards, terracotta slabs or marble sheets; Art of Clean can bring that dated piece of flooring back from the brink and renew it to the point it will resemble a brand new installation.

If you take a look at these examples, you’ll see why we promise you such a high level of perfection in our work. Our website lays claim to many things, but none without good reason and whether you believe what you read or need a demonstration, Art of Clean can provide.

Slate is a funny material. Generally grey in colour, Slate is a composed of either volcanic ash or clay, but it can come in other shades. If you’re willing to pop over the border into Wales (or import, easier to import), you can find Slate in shades ranging from grey (pale-dark) and even purple, cyan or green.

Now, I am not an interior designer, but I would imagine, a floor sporting a combination of these colours might add something interesting and remarkable to a property.

So, if you’re in need of a little rejuvenation, why not call Art of Clean.

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