Monday, 30 November 2015

3 Mistakes to avoid with choosing and cleaning hard floor surfaces

Many home owners learn about their mistakes choosing the wrong floor only after the floor is installed and by then it is too late and in many cases too costly to replace.

This guide is designed to help you choose the right tile or stone floor for your home.

Mistake Number 1

Choose a tile that is not fit for purpose

This mistake is many times made as they beauty of the tile or stone is the main or only contributing factor for choosing this floor covering.

Also consider the following:
What type of soiling will the surface be exposed to. In a Kitchen you will find greasy stains while in bathrooms it will be soap residues and lime scale. Consider the cleaners that will be required to clean these residues off should not harm the tiles. For example – Using limestone in a shower room will lead to a build-up of lime scale on the tiles and the only way to safely remove it is to grind the stone back. If you should choose a porcelain tile this can be cleaned with an acetic cleaner that is safe on the time (an acetic leaner is not safe to use on Limestone)

Mistake Number 2
Low Maintenance must not be confused for No maintenance

Tile and stone surfaces require regular deep cleaning. Ensure you use gentle neutral PH cleaning solutions. Be very careful to use harsh cleaners as this can break sealer down early and cause the floor to re-oil very fast. Do not over wrongly dilute your cleaning products. Always use cleaners that are intended for your floor. A regular damp mop followed by a through deep clean wi;l keep your floor looking great for a long time.

Mistake Number 3

Scrubbing the floor clean yourself

You see I have looked at many floors over the years and I have seen and heard of clients that spend days on end scrubbing and cleaning their floors only to find the floors re-soil very fast afterwards. Why does this happen. Well the thing is that most floors are sealed or mechanically closed up. Once the floor start looking really dirty people choose to revert to deep scrubbing and cleaning. The cleaners that are employed in most cases are way too harsh for the floor and strip away the layer of protection on the floor. If you do choose to clean your own floor do a small test patch and leave it a few days after the clean. Once happy with the result proceed to clean your whole floor in that way.

Always remember to apply a fresh coating of sealer.

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