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5 Top Tips when getting your Carpets cleaned

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That’s it – Enough is enough. Long enough have you now put it off. Your teenager son’s room has had that dreaded smell of dirty socks for way too long, You felt wheezy while sleeping at night and no matter how much you vacuum the bedroom carpet it does not go. The stains on the lounge floor has started creeping out from under the rug you placed over them. Your journey to bed at night with your bare feet has lost their soft bouncy feel – you prefer keeping your slippers on.

Here are 5 top tips when you get ready to have your carpets cleaned:

1.    Set out what you goals – What Standard of Clean do you require
Do you feel you deserve a through deep down clean that will remove the pollutants and engrained soil, A service that will remove the dirt deep inside the pile? This is when you require the service of a carpet cleaning firm that use a Truck or Van mounted hot water extraction machine. These units are far superior to small portable systems. You will find the equipment is more powerful leaving you with a deeply cleaned and fresh carpet that is good for your health.

2.    Do they have a strong presence on the internet? Do they have YouTube videos and a Facebook page with many followers? Why is this important I hear you ask? Simple really. If they have hardly any presence – Will they be around tomorrow? Many operators come and go and you would probably not want to entrust your fine furnishings to someone that might not be there tomorrow. Another giveaway is to look out for web pages that display 0800 or 0845 numbers or similar. Some firms run from a large office base and cover vast areas. Make sure your carpet cleaner is local and cover the area you live or work in.

3.    What training has your contractors completed
Many people would think carpet cleaning is a subject you can easily learn, Well many contractors also think so and often learn on the job. Your safest option will be to choose a contractor that attends regular training and is a master at what he does. Some industry bodies include National Carpet Cleaners association (NCCA) and Institute for Inspection Cleaning and restoration Certification (IICRC)

4.    Do they have insurance in place and do they offer money back guarantee

You see many people do not consider what steps to take if something do not turn out as planned – How easily will you be able to get in touch with your chosen contractor if a stain re-appears? If you call to schedule a visits for a quote and only get an answer machine every time. Guess what you will get when you call after the job is done?

5.    Testimonials

Last but not least – Do they have other happy clients? Are those clients local to your area?

The above advice should help you choose a good carpet cleaning contractor.

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