Monday, 12 October 2015

Ghost Free Real-estate, Stain free too

House Network is clearly a forward thinking enterprise. The Real Estate agency is now offering a Ghost-Free Certification to appease Ghosts, sellers and buyers alike. Now, I don't know about you, but I have, upon occasion felt the feathery draft of a breeze, seen the curtains flutter when the windows were closed and even seen the door close of its own volition. It is possible it was that darn cat though.

Ghostfinder Paranormal Society offers this service for a limited time only. Not to sound too skeptical, but as the offer lasts until October 31st, there's a chance it might be a marketing ploy...but honestly, can you afford to take that risk given that suspected haunted houses retail at approximately 20% below the market value? 

The cost for the service ranges from £100-500 and is a buyer beware product, meaning, if they find those Ghosties in the attic, then tough luck. 

According to Barri Ghai, lead investigator with the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, "Reports of hauntings and cases of paranormal activity in homes is on the increase...We receive on average two or more reports a week from the public claiming that they may be sharing their homes with a ghost".

Wow, did you read that, ..."two or MORE!"

Now, we're not ghost hunters and can't claim to free your homes of unwanted spooky things, but we can give your carpet and rugs a good cleaning. We guarantee to FREE your homes of those unwanted stains and marks. So, if you need your carpets cleansed and want us to rid your home of that infestation of dirt, call the professionals

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