Friday, 21 August 2015

Leather. Low maintenance...No maintenance?

Do you remember the last time you popped by the furniture showroom? Of course you do, that smell wafted in and everything held the promise of a new look. You wandered the aisles, fended off the salespeople for a few minutes and when you stopped, just for a second at that luxurious, leather sofa set, he or she pounced.

You didn't stop to buy, you stopped to smell. You stopped to admire the feeling. So, at his or her behest, you sat...and that's when it happened. You said "Aaahhhhh".

It's all relative after that. You handed over the credit card and contemplated where on earth it would fit. After all, you live in a British house and they're notoriously cramped. Anyway, the day arrives and it's delivered. The burly chaps finagle it here and there. They chip the door frame a touch, but it doesn't matter because in a few minutes, they'll be gone and you'll be sitting on that fresh, new, clean smelling sofa and watching something on the telly.

The wrapper comes off and that waft hits again. "I'm so happy I Maxed-out my credit card" we hear you say.

The fellas leave, you boil the kettle and make a jam sandwich. You like jam sandwiches.

Sitting down, you flick the channel and absently reach for your snack...and that's when it happens.

Jam always falls face down, right. So, there it is, partially on your leg, but mainly on the arm rest of that beautiful new, cream leather sofa.

The scream rings out and the neighbours dog starts howling. You rush into the kitchen for a cloth and start scrubbing and the dealer's final words echo in your ears..."It's low maintenance".

He or she was right though. Leather is low maintenance, but that does not and we can't stress this enough, it DOES NOT mean, No Maintenance.

A light cleaning, a dusting, a bit of vaccing here and there and you're fine, but, if you neglect your leather assuming it'll be fine, you'll see the problems within a year. The colour will fade, the texture with harden and the shape with alter.

There are some great Leather Cleaning Kits out there (yes, we sell them), but that's not the point. The point is, prevention is better than cure. For a low cost and a very occasional cleaning, you can maintain that new look indefinitely.

Of course, things happen, life gets in the way and that echo from the dealer, that's where we come in.

Call us and we can and will be happy to clean and re-new that gorgeous leather sofa set.

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