Monday, 17 August 2015

Lowri Turner and Wood Floor Sanding by the Professionals

Here's Lowri Turner's article on the wonders of a sanded floor.

In it she expounds upon the benefits of having your wooden floors sanded and cleaned by the professionals. Something we've been harking on about for years. Towards the end of Turner's article lies a testimonial from a couple that describe their own sanding exploits as "...the worst two days of our lives...". Turner goes on to call the process "grubby and back-breaking", this doesn't sound like fun and that's why you hire professionals.

Floor sanding is, as she says " incredibly messy job...", but it needn't be so. Many companies employ a sanding system that is upwards of 97% dust free. As it stands, our own service guarantees a level of 99% dust free. That takes some beating, we think you'll agree.

The end results are beyond doubt. If you hire a firm of fully trained sanders, what you'll get is a finish that brings the life back into your home and whether that is simply so that you can re-sell the property or to make your home more liveable, we think the end justifies the means.

Don't believe us? I think these testimonials say it all.

Mrs Finnecy: Excellent job done. Thank you. Our leather suite looks almost as good as new again (it is 12 years old) - Newmarket - Wickenbrook

Mrs Russell: Impressed with the professional, friendly and honest quotation we received, followed by an extremely hard working technician to ensure the best result possible. Delighted with the result. - Newmarket - Cheveley

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