Friday, 20 February 2015

5 Wood floor killers to avoid (or reduce) at all cost?

Looking down at the kitchen floor you recall the days when the floor looked fresh and new after it was sanded and finished over 8 years ago. Since then the floor saw a lot of action. Where has the time gone? and what caused this damage to the floor?

Let's explore the reasons why your wood floor wears out:

Here is a list of 5 Wood floor killers to avoid (or reduce) at all cost:

Gravel on the outside of your homes entrance 

Gravel on the outside of your property gets stuck under your shoes and will enter the home. These small stone particles acts like sandpaper on your lovely wood floor

- How to improve / avoid? 
 Lay a hard surface path to your entrance door or implement a no shoe policy in your home

Walk off mats

Have a good look at your walk off mat at your entrance door.
If it looks tired and dirty ensure it gets replaced immediately - If you do not have one you have to get one to help you save ALL your floors in your home. That's right, the dirt you track in from outside harms all the floors in your home

- How to improve / avoid? 
Get a fresh new walk-off mat or replace the old one you have - If you have a coir mat and need it replaced call us on 01223 863632 and we can help -

The wrong cleaners and dirty worn out mops
Many people belief a floor cleaner is a floor cleaner and this is sadly not the case.
Harsh cleaning products can do a great job at cleaning though it harms the protective layer on your floor. If you have a wood floor the best way is to maintain it with a wood floor cleaner followed by the correct maintenance top up sealer ( for oiled floors use Magic Oil care from Pallmann - - For Laquered floor use Finish Care Stop from Pallmann )

The best cleaner for a wood floor is Pallmann Clean:

- How to improve / avoid? 

Buy the correct cleaners and care products - Spend a bit more and you will find your floor last so much longer.

Dogs (Actualy the nails on their paws)
When dogs walk on a slippery floor they naturally extend their claws to get a better grip - If this is on your wood floor you will find your wood floor scratch very fast.
It is advised to use oil on your wood floors if you have dogs - It is less slippy for your pets and it do not scratch.

- How to improve / avoid?
Opt for an oil finish on your wood floor if you have dogs.

Bad quality laquers/oils or wrong laquers/oils or sealers for the floor area
We see many clients fall in the trap of a floor sanding firm that only offer them one type of finish for their wood floor wether the  floor is in the bedroom or the kitchen. It is important that floors that are exposed to water like bathrooms to get a 2 part lacquer applied - these finishes are much more water resistant.

If Oils are used it is essential to opt for a oil that comes with a hardener. This makes the finish more hardwearing

- How to improve / avoid?
Ask many questions when you get a quote for floor sanding and get more than one opinion on what floor finish you should apply.

Pine wood floor before sanding

Pine wood floor after sanding

Pine wood floor after sanding and finishing with Pallmann lacquer

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