Friday, 20 February 2015

Can a professional carpet cleaner remove paint from carpets?

It is not easy to tell if professional carpet cleaning will remove paint spills from carpets. Our lovely client tried and then called us as she could not remove the mark.

The play room had a lot of paint, nail varnish and felt tip pen marks all over the carpet. Everything came out during our stain removal and cleaning process - apart from the area that she tried to clean herself. 

Best to call the Professionals.

Why does this happen? - If you imagine the paint spill on the carpet is only sitting on the outside of the fibres though as soon as you rub and scrub the carpet the paint will be forced deeper into the pile of the carpet making it in many cases impossible to totally remove. 

If you are not sure what to do when a spillage happens, please call the professionals and we will be able to save the carpets for you.

Black mark in the middle where she tried to clean herself
Black mark still visible but all other marks removed completely
Dripod carpet dryer

Before carpet cleaning
After carpet cleaning. All marks removed
Before carpet cleaning

After carpet cleaning. All marks removed

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