Friday, 20 February 2015

DIY wood floor staining - uneven sanding will lead to uneven staining

Wood floor sanding is a bit of an art to master.  But one of the key points you need to remember is -

The floor needs to be sanded evenly

To eye the floor may look pretty even, however when you come to staining you may realise that the stain is not taking evenly across the floor.

If you notice that the edges are taking differently to the rest of the floor then here is your problem:

To sand the main portion of the floor you will have used a belt sander, and around the sides you will have used an edge sander.  Both of these sanders have removed the desired top layer of wood leaving you with a nice clean surface to stain. will not be left with an even finish.

How do I even out the floor?

Use a random orbital sander to level out the floor.  The sander moved in two different directions

Sounds impossible though it gently vibrates in multiple directions and in a small circular motion. This blendsthe edge   sanding with the main floor sanding.

It is also advised to use a big rotary sander to finish the floor at around 120 grit to ensure a fine even finish.

Another method to achieve a good staining effect is to Water-pop your wood floor - This is done by applying a thin coating of moisture to the floor with a damp cloth or flat mop. Ensure you apply this evenly. The water will make the wood grains swell and once dry thefloor will   absorb more of the stain.

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