Thursday, 29 January 2015

Art of Clean new wood van in Cambridge serving East Anglia

Providing a reliable wood floor sanding service to clients in East Anglia is fast becoming a large part of our service offering here at Art of Clean

No do not let the name fool you - You might thing "Art of Clean" ? how can a specialist cleaning company offer wood floor sanding - It is real simple -

The story started way back in 2007 when we a Art of Clean client asked us to care for her entrance hall floor - We did some research and attended wood floor training from Bona to lightly restore wood floors using oils.

This led to us doing a few more wood floor jobs. We returned about 18 months later to Bona for a more in-depth course on wood floor sanding and finishing.

At this point where where in need of more help and we connected with Terry Guilford of Ultimate Floor sanding in Ireland where he was running the largest floor sanding franchise. We attended his training as well and realised we have to invest in much more advanced equipment and the training will be on-going. We where fortunate to have Terry spend about 18 months with us training us on the Art of wood floor restoration

We had an old van and we made it our wood floor sanding vehicle. All went really well though as the wood floor sanding grew our team requirements changed. We are fortunate that around 1 year ago we secured a great team and they have helped us to further grow and offer our clients outstanding service. Late September of 2014 our old van sadly died on us. We had to make a plan

We luckily had our Patio Cleaning van that was getting ready to hibernate through the winter (as we only clean patios in the summer)

We decided to use that van to see us through

We placed an order with Marshall Citroen In Cambridge for a Special bespoke built wood sanding van.
For the past few months we had to make do with our patio van that was turned into a wood sanding van though a few days ago we received the great news that our van is ready

We are so excited about our new van and we can not wait to use it all over Cambridgeshire Essex Suffolk and Hertfordshire sanding wood floors

Thanks a lot to Angus from Marshall Citroen for the van and thank you to Chris at Footprint that did a wonderful job on the sign writing.

Pierre from Art of Clean and Chris from Footprint Cambridge
Pierre from Art of Clean and Angus from Marshall Cambridge

Angus, Pierre and Chris :)

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