Friday, 9 January 2015

How to clean a Terracotta floor?

You have just had your Terracotta floor professionally cleaned and sealed!


Now how do you keep this terracotta floor clean and looking as good as it does now?  Let’s face it – It will get dirty!

Your cleaning regime is the only weapon you have.  Here are a few tips on keeping your floor clean:

Routine cleaning

It is crucial your daily cleaning of your floor is done correctly.
You will need: - (Find these products at Art of Cleans online store - Click here)

  • A 2 compartment mob bucket 
  • Good quality mop (clean) 
  • Cleaning solution (mild Terracotta floor detergent) – Try this 
  • Clean water. one side of your mop bucket (the side you will wring your mop in) with clean water.
Make your cleaning solution mix as described on the bottle in the other mop bucket compartment.
Wet your mop in the clean water and wring it out. Dip the tips – (3 – 6 inches) into the cleaning
solution and wring your mop. 
Now start mopping your floor. After cleaning about 3 – 5 sq meters, rinse the mop in the clean water side of the bucket and dip the tips of the mop (3 – 6 inches) into the
cleaning solution side – wring out and repeat as above.
Let the terracotta floor dry and return to normal use.

***If it is a large area replace the rinse water when dirty.***

You will get into a rhythm to get the ratio of cleaning water and rinse solution just right so when the rinse water is dirty your cleaning solution will be finished in the bucket.

How to clean Rough Surface Terracotta floors (Upside down Terracotta)

Some Terracotta tiles can have a rough surface to them that allows for great character and has a great non slip finish. These floors sadly love to grab on to dirt. Your standard mop will be ripped to pieces on these floors. Upside Down Terracotta (Yes that’s correct – The tiles gets laid upside down for a unique effect) Sandstone, York stone, Bricks and some slate floors.

The best way to clean these floors is by pouring some cleaning solution mix on the floor and then use
a medium stiffness broom/Brush to agitate it well. Use smaller brushes to reach into corners. Once it has been scrubbed well, use a wet vacuum to pick up the dirty slurry from the floor. Pour clean water on the floor to rinse and vacuum up with a wet vacuum. Do not to let moisture seep in under furniture as it can case swelling and damage to skirting boards kickboards and others wooden items.

Why do we advise the above method?

Simple – if you mop a floor with a single compartment mop bucket you will collect the dirt on the floor
and contaminate your cleaning solution with this. You will then keep spreading this onto the floor
every time you rinse your mop in the solution.
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