Thursday, 8 January 2015

Granwood floor cleaning

You will most likely have come across Granwood flooring at a sports centre, a school hall or arena, or even at a local village hall.  It is a diverse product that many choose as a hard wood floor alternative for a floor that is expected to take a lot of foot traffic.  It is much desired because of its incredible durability and low maintenance costs as well as being

".... environmentally sound, resistant to water, fire, wet and dry rot, extremes of temperature and humidity, termites, most chemicals and are guaranteed not to warp, twist, buckle or splinter."

Granwood has been around for over 100 years, the flooring is basically manufactured from fine sawdust and linseed oil that is made into blocks of various colours and designs.  It is sealed with a product called Granwax.
 "The hard wearing polyurethane seal means that day-to-day cleaning easily accomplished with an impregnated dry mop. For heavy soiling our flooring systems can be wet scrubbed and washed to return them to their original state."

This sealant can last for as much as 20 years (depending on frequency and intensity of use) before it needs replacing.  Once the Granwax ages it will develop a yellowish colour and become quite dull.  To refurbish this the coating is simply sanded back before a fresh coat is applied.

Resealing is performed by trained technicians as this is not like just every other wood floor.  The floor needs to be sanded to a very smooth finish without taking too much of the top layer of wood away.  The dust produced is very fine and will need to be extracted fully before the Granwax finish can be applied.

Here are some images of a job Art of Clean did for Ely Paradise Sports Centre at the end of last year.

Before the work commenced

Sanding back the old layer of protection

Fully sanded
 Part way to re-coating with Granwax

 The finished article - one bright and shining Granwood sports floor ready for many more years of sporting use.

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