Monday, 19 January 2015

Granwood Sports hall re-sealing and protecting

Granwood sports hall floors is a very resilient floor covering type and can still be found in many halls and sports facilities. Granwood floors is also a regular floor covering in schools.

Granwood floor sanding is a specialised service and contractors that take this work on have to have experience in the field. Granwood is made up of a mix of concrete and wood.

Downsides of refinishing or sanding a granwood floor can be very dusty due to the concrete present in the granwood blocks.

To control the dust during the sanding of granwood floors a dust extraction system is required.
It is advised to re-finish Granwood floors using Granguard Moisture cured Polly urethane.

This is an extremely odorous product. It is important to prepare neighboring buildings for a smelly environment. It is good to inform neighbors the floor swill be re-finished.

Once a granwood floor has been sanded and re-finished it is very strongly advised the floor should be cared for well and re-finished applying a fresh coat of Granguard every 12 – 24 months.

Would your granwood floors not be cared for here is the point where the Granguard will burn a hole in your pocket…

Here is a granwood floor we recently cleaned, Keyed back and re-coated using Granguard

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