Monday, 19 January 2015

Carpet moth found in a carpet recently cleaned in Cambridge

Here is what Art of Clean can do to help with carpet moth:

In all cases carpets needs a full deep clean – all furniture has to be moved if possible – moths hide where they are not disturbed if not cleaned and treated they will come back.

Remember that a good vacuum cleaner like SEBO vacuum cleaner will make a massive difference!

Moth Repellent:
Once cleaned we will then treat the carpets – We can treat with a moth repellent. This is not a harmful product and is not a pesticide.

Pesticide Treatment:
If you encounter severe moth infestation always opt for pesticide treatment. This will mean we need to make one appointment for the clean and another re-visit 6 weeks later to spray the corners of the carpets again.

Always make sure you you dispose of your vacuum bag after vacuuming the carpets not too contaminate the other carpets.

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