Friday, 16 January 2015

How to clean commercial carpet floor tiles

Floor tiles make a great floor covering for an office or any other commercial space that gets a lot of foot traffic because of its comparable low maintenance and low replacement cost.

In a commercial setting people are less likely to take personal responsibility over the spills and dirt that they contribute to the flooring, so an easy to manage and easy to maintain flooring is key to keeping the floor looking clean at all times.

Carpet tiles that have been badly stained or otherwise damaged can be replaced individually which makes it a great advantage over a full floor covering of carpet or vinyl which will need a full replacement at a considerable cost!

So how do you clean carpet tiles?

Well, very much like the carpet in your home really except often you are able to lift a tile out individually and clean it if need be.

1.  Regular and thorough vacuuming:
Regular cleaning by the office cleaning team will go a long way to keeping your carpet tiles clean.  Most people will not bee too inclined to clean their shoes thoroughly before entering the office so external dirt and debris will build up quickly.  Much of this will work its way deep down into the pile where it will cause pile abrasion, lessening the lifespan of the carpet.  To prolong the life of the carpet you must employ a good vacuum technique ~

How to vacuum the carpet tiles effectively:

  • Vacuum heavy soiled areas daily to keep levels of dirt to a minimum - the pile of quality commercial floor tile is strongly secured so breakdown of the carpet should not be an issue.
  • For cut pile carpet tiles using a vacuum with brushes will increase its cleaning capabilities ~ loop pile carpet tiles will be damaged buy the brushes so it is necessary to just use a suction attachment.
  • Vacuuming the carpet in multiple directions helps to remove more dirt
  • Do not vacuum too quickly! A slower movement gives the vacuum time to  extract the dirt from deep down in the pile.
2.  Stain removal:
This can be a real problem in an office as people will drip their tea or coffee and not think twice about cleaning it up! Why would they when you have a cleaner for that?!  Well, this is a problem because although the carpet tile is designed to be stain resistant it is still limited.  And, as with all types of stain removal on all surfaces ~

Immediate action can make all the difference!

Where possible, try to encourage your staff to clean up their own spills.  It is important to remind them that rubbing a stain will only spread it!  Instead, use a clean cloth and dab the worst of it away.  This will make the stain removal at a later point a much more manageable task.

3.  Carpet clean
Now this is different to vacuuming, this is a deep clean that will help to extract a lot of the dirt and allergens that a vacuum cleaner cannot reach, and will remove stains.

Some companies may have an in-house carpet cleaning machine that is used by the office cleaners, however the best carpet clean method it hot water extraction as this will remove the dirt more successfully due to its powerful suction capabilities.  Using a carpet cleaning machine that has poor suction will only clean the top of the carpet, leaving much of the dirt and allergens deeper in the pile which will work their way up to the surface and make the carpet quickly appear dirty again (re-soiling).

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