Monday, 22 December 2014

Last minute Christmas cleaning

With only days to go until Christmas there's still so much to do!

Presents to wrap, food to prepare, we're running out of time to get the house cleaned thoroughly!

The key to last minute cleaning is to plan your attack so that you make the most of your time.

Focus on the main rooms-

  • If they are just over for the day give your lounge a quick dust and hoover, de-clutter by throwing everything unwanted into a wash basket and put it in your room - you can deal with this at a later date.  Plump the cushions on the sofas and chairs, if you have pets give the upholstery a once over with a lint roller, your guests will notice if you haven't done this, but they won't think twice if you have.
  • Give the bathroom or downstairs toilet a quick once over, put out fresh towels and plenty of toilet roll. Open windows to air
  • De-clutter the kitchen counter and table tops - put things away in a cupboard and deal with them later.  Give the counter, table and floor a quick clean
  • People staying over? This can be a little tricky as usually the spare room builds up a lot of lost property over the year and becomes a general storage space.  Again, throw things in your own room, guests shouldn't venture there.  Open the windows to let some fresh air in whilst you dust and hoover.

Some more handy tips:

  • Use mood lighting - It will add atmosphere and guests are less likely to see anything you missed!
  • Stains on carpet? Throw a rug over it for now and get it sorted after Christmas - there may be further stains to deal with by that point anyhow!
  • Put out flowers - Some pretty flowers will catch your guests eye and make a great distraction

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