Monday, 22 December 2014

How to remove candle wax from carpet

There's nothing more seasonal and romantic than twinkling candles.

But when candles spill over on the carpet the panic will start - but don't panic!

Getting candle wax out of a carpet takes a few tricks, so here they are....

  1. Get to work on it asap - As with all stains the longer they are left the more difficult it becomes to fix.

  2. Freeze the wax First off you will want to remove as much of the solid wax as possible, to do this place an ice pack on the wax to harden it.  Do not let the wax get wet as this will prove MORE difficult to remove.  Once the wax has become very cold use a knife to chip away at the wax removing as much as you can.  Vacuum up the loosened wax.

  3. Heat the wax.  Next you will wan to remove the wax that is embedded into the fibers, for this you will need to met the wax under controlled conditions.  Place a clean white terry cloth,, or a paper bag, over the wax and apply a warm iron - do not make the iron too hot else you risk burning the bag/carpet! Once some wax has transferred to the cloth/bag move the cloth/bag so that the wax has a clean absorbable spot to transfer to - be sure you don't let the melted wax on the cloth/bag spread over the carpet when moving!

  4. Removing colour stain - Use specialist carpet cleaning solution spray the affected area and blot away the stain.  Always read the instructions first.  And always test solvent on an inconspicuous area of carpet first!

     If you have any concerns about handling the stain it is best to contact a professional first, they will very often give you advice to deal with the stain yourself.

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