Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Amtico floor cleaning process

Amtico is a quality, luxury laminate flooring.  "Luxury laminate?" I hear you question....but yes, this product is really something quite special.  Just see the beautiful results in these pictures.  It's not cheap, but then nothing that is good quality ever is! There are many reasons why people are choosing to go with this option:

  • Instillation is easy and can cover a wide range of under-flooring
  • There is a vast array of beautiful style options - such as the wonderful rustic look floor you can see in the top image.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Warmer than other hard floor options
  • Can be used with underfloor heating

Stripping and Dressing your floor for heavily soiled, ingrained or previously dressed floors we would recommend stripping the floor thoroughly, at least once a year using Amtico International Floorcare Stripper as detailed below. Dressing can then be applied to refresh the surface and offer continued protection.

Stripping the floor

• Prepare a solution of amtico international floorcare stripper using warm water as per the instructions on the container. carefully follow all safety instructions, particularly noting that the floor can become slippery during the stripping process.
•  apply plenty of solution over a manageable area.
•  allow 10 - 15 minutes contact time.
•  agitate solution with mop. Do not allow slurry to dry.
• Remove slurry with mop and bucket or with a wet vacuum. Rinse floor twice with clean water and allow to dry.

Dressing the floor

• Pour quantity of amtico international floorcare Dressing into bucket.
•  using clean mop or flat-type applicator, load with dressing and partially wring out. starting at the furthest point from the exit, apply a thin even coat around the perimeter and then apply to the main floor with overlapping passes.
•  allow to dry (approx. 30 mins). to assist with the drying of dressing, keep the area well ventilated. •  apply second coat at right angles to first coat and allow to dry (approx. 30 mins)

Sourced from: www.amtico.co.uk

Art of Cleans technicians are trained and experienced in working with Amtico flooring.  We recently stripped and dressed the Amtico floors at the Newmarket British School Racing.

See the transformation of this shop floor in Cambridge, click the video below: 

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