Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Why choose a carpet cleaner with a truck-mounted system?

When it comes to getting your carpets cleaned there are a number of options available two main options available:

1. Rent a DIY carpet cleaner - such as Rug Doctor

These are readily available from a number of stores around Cambridge that offer rug doctor hire including Tesco, Asda and Mackays Hardware Store.  And if you decide you want to get the job done yourself on a small budget then a rug doctor is probably a good option for you. (Just be aware there are limitations to its success, this will be discussed further on)

2. Hire a carpet cleaner

There are great number of carpet cleaners in Cambridge, all with a varying degree of experience, training and technology - for a detailed guide on how to choose see our blog on How to Find the Right Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner.

  • Low end carpet cleaners will simply use a DIY style carpet cleaner machine like the Rug Doctor.  They will charge a budget price.
  • Medium level carpet cleaners will use a small portable extraction machine.  They will invariably charge a moderate price.
  • High end carpet cleaners will use a Truck-Mounted extraction system.  You can expect to pay a higher price for their service.

So, why do I want to hire someone with a truck-mounted system?

Truck -mounted systems are the most powerful carpet cleaning technology on the market today, and here I'll explain what advantages this offers:

They work by Hot Water Extraction, AKA "Steam Cleaning", and is the IICRC's recommended method of carpet cleaning.  Here's why:


Truck-mounted systems are a faster carpet cleaning option.  Unlike portable systems there is no need to stop and empty the extracted water, they have a waste tank on-board.  The water and solution as also stored on board and ready for action, so there is no need to stop and refill.

Not only is the cleaning process quicker with a truck-mounted system but, thanks the the heat and power of the system, the carpets dry faster - allowing you to get back to using the space again.


Truck-mounted systems can raise the waters temperature to over 150 Degrees Celsius at truck level, this will lower to around 100 degrees by the time it reaches your carpet, creating the steaming effect that encourages its common name "steam cleaner".

Portable electric powered machines cannot produce heat to this degree, and rug doctors work with only warm water.


Being the most powerful system, truck-mounted extractors remove more soil, polled and chemicals that the less powerful systems.  DIY systems have a greatly inferior power and will clean only the surface of the carpet, leaving much soiling deeper in the carpet that will eventually work its way up once the carpet is disturbed.

Increased vacuum power will also remove residue more successfully; residual solution left in the carpet attracts dust ad dirt and will cause carpets to quickly become dirty again.

Portable machines release circulated air back inside house, kicking up the pollen and dust into the atmosphere.  Truck-mounted extracts pump the air outside leaving a cleaner atmosphere.

N.B. Our truck mounts use LPG! A greener source of fuel ~ good for us, good for the environment.

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