Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Help!!! My carpets shrunk!!

 Help!!! My carpets shrunk!!

Are you thinking about trying to save money by hiring a “do it yourself” carpet cleaner? Let us explain why this is not a good idea.

Firstly - Do It Yourself carpet cleaners only clean the top fibres of your carpet, leaving behind the grit and dirt sitting in the bottom.  This is why after cleaning it looks ok but within in a couple of weeks  it’s starting to look awful again, as the dirt left in the base of the carpets starts to travel back to the top of the carpet.

Secondly - Do It Yourself carpet cleaners will not rinse your carpet thoroughly leaving behind a sticky residue from the detergent.  This will attract dust and dirt to stick to the carpet so within a few weeks the carpet will start to appear dirty again.

Finally - Do It Yourself carpet cleaners over wet the carpet making some types of carpet prone to shrinkage – (see picture of a carpet one of our customers cleaned himself) – Wool carpets are prone to shrinking.  He asked if anything could be done to re stretch the carpet, unfortunately there was nothing we could do, just to offer a quote for replacement!

Art of Clean employees are all IICRC qualified and we ALWAYS inspect all carpets before we clean ensuring we use the correct method of cleaning for each carpet. If you want you carpets to last longer and look good for many years to come then make a small investment in professional cleaning once in a while.

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