Friday, 10 October 2014

Student accommodation - this carpet needed the Art of Clean touch desperately!

Wow - this must have been the most in need carpet we have ever cleaned!












Although this is quite's also quite fulfilling....I think you'll agree we had quite a result!

This carpet will never be perfect as the staining was just so bad not dealt with quickly.

But this carpet is as clean as it will ever be! And will have many more usable years in it now it has been cleaned THOROUGHLY.

Here's why this was a job in need of the Art of Clean touch:

By using our highly powered truck-mounted machines we managed to penetrate down the the base of the fibers and remove the dirt that has built up right the way down the pile.  Lesser powerful machines just couldn't remove the dirt as well.  Many machines would simply clean the top of the carpet, leaving much of the deep set dirt behind.

Our machine also ensured that the cleaning solution is fully removed from the carpet - lesser machines, especially rented devices, leave much of the solution in the carpet.  The solution residue will actually attract and hold dirt quicker meaning the carpets will get dirty very fast!

To remove the deep set moisture in the carpet we use powerful portable carpet driers to extract much of the moisture.

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