Monday, 13 October 2014

Message to our Art of Clean are we doing?

Firstly we hope your well and your homes are feeling cosy, warm and prepped in the new year!  

Now.......Mr Gladys and I, and the Art of Clean Team are so pleased you are supporting us and reading our posts! We trust our content is both interesting and informative; as this is what we aim for.

We'd love to know what you think! Do we give enough info? Are there some big queries you have that are blatantly obvious and we're just blindly missing the point??!

Please let us know as this is all for you guys, we want to be a great source of information that you know you can turn to when challenges arise.

So please.....if you will.....send Aunty Gladys a message with your tantalizing topic, your home maintenance quandary, your DIY mishaps perhaps, and we will "Test our Tech's" to the best of their knowledge and provide you with their advice on how to handle the challenge at hand.

Art of Clean - carpet before cleaning

Art of clean - carpet after cleaning

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