Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sebo vs Dyson - The 5 Day Challenge...

Pierre and Mel have battled over this for the past few weeks, since the start of the win a SEBO competition, we have even received Facebook followers comments from people saying they prefer Dyson, which left me secretly gloating. 

So Pierre decided to buy a SEBO and let Mel trial it; this is how passionate Pierre feels about the SEBO being a better, more professional carpet cleaner.

So she is going to be recording her week with the SEBO versus Dyson – and below is what she found of what it is like living with a SEBO, let the SEBO/Dyson battle commence...

Day 2: SEBO V's Dyson...Bit of a disaster one of the kids (they wouldn't admit which one) left muddy foot prints all over the cream carpet last night in the lounge – so this morning I have given the SEBO another go – and yes it cleaned it up on first sweep, I couldn't test the Dyson as there was nothing left to test! Will be testing both on lentils and rice tomorrow, will be interesting to see the results...Come on Dyson.

Day 3: SEBO v's Dyson - here's where I test the two at picking up lentils and rice - interesting results, the SEBO sucked up all of the lentils and then swiftly deposited them on the floor and the Dyson picked them all up.

Day 4: Today I decided to continue the SEBO v's Dyson challenge, and the Dyson performed better when picking up dog hair from a stairs carpet - can the SEBO redeem itself? The SEBO worked really well on lifting off the dry mud, where as Dyson left a few partiles of dirt.

Day 5: Today I tried out both of the vacuum cleaners on multiple surfaces, the SEBO worked much better, and I have to say for carpet I will consider buying a SEBO in future, it just seems so much more robust, it's never going to win assethetically but I was really pleasantly surprised by the SEBO. Pierre you won!

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