Saturday, 11 October 2014

How to clean a carpet stain - do not use bleach!

Don't use bleach on a carpet stain! of our customers recently made a major carpet cleaning faux pas.....they used a bleach based product to clean up a stain!

As you can see there are a couple of patches on the carpet where blood was split.  Now, I get the logic....there's a highly pigmented stain and what is a powerful stain remover....BLEACH!

The problem is bleach is non specific with its stain removing powers and will remove the color out of anything it comes into contact with  - including the surrounding carpet! EEEK! 

This is a practically impossible problem to our advice is STAY AWAY FROM THE BLEACH!  Instead, if you have a stain that you are unsure of how to remove contact us quickly and we will give you our very best advice on what to use.  We have a number of very powerful stain removers that we can recommend that will work on the stain whilst not damaging the carpet.

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