Friday, 5 September 2014

Cleaning your fine handmade rug?? Only the best will do! Here's how to find the best person for the job..

Having your precious rug cleaned for the first time is usually a big stretch for many people. Why is this the case?

When choosing a fine rug for your home is not easy and it is usually a big investment. When buying rugs people may sometimes be informed not to have the rug cleaned. This is not totally incorrect as there are many cleaners out there that will not have the correct knowledge to clean fine rugs and can easily cause damage to the fine rug while cleaning it. If you find a reputable rug cleaner this will not need to be a concern for you anymore.

Here are a few questions to ask to help you find a reliable cleaning company to clean your fine rug.

What experience do you have cleaning rugs – Some companies state that they have been cleaning for “x” amount of years – what they do not say is what they have been cleaning. Some firms might have been cleaning offices for the last 20 years and only started cleaning rugs more recently.

Check them out online – If companies have been cleaning rugs for a long period of time you will notice their videosphotos and testimonials of the work they have done will be older – If they have no proof online that they have done rug cleaning for a long period of time it raise the question if you should trust them with your rug.

Are they insured? – Insurance is a minefield – many firms are insured – fewer firms are insured for goods in trust – as specifically if the company hold insurance for goods in trust.

What method is best to clean my rug? – Many rug cleaning companies only use one method of cleaning and this is usually hot water extraction or steam cleaning. This method can cause unstable colours to run. Here at Art of Clean we use a cold water bath and we then have the correct equipment to safely remove the water from the rug and let it dry in our drying room.

Your last question to the rug cleaner you will employ is – “who will clean my rug” many rug cleaning companies will subcontract the cleaning work out – your rug might get send many miles away for cleaning.

Art of clean are proud to be the only registered Master Rug Cleaners in Cambridge.  If you would like some more information about our professional rug cleaning services please contact our friendly team on 01223 863632 or visit