Friday, 5 September 2014

Cat Poo....Perhaps you can relate to our clients scenario...

We recently had an email from a client with an enormous cat poop problem…

“I arrived home last Friday evening, ready to rush around and pack our bags before heading out promptly to Somerset for a friend’s wedding the next day.

But….upon opening the front door I noticed one of the cats had decided to poop right by the door, underneath the post flap, so that my post could land right in it……GROSE RIGHT!

Being pregnant and knowing the hazards of cat poop can cause to my unborn child I left the door open to air the place and thinking my husband would clean the mess when he got home a few minutes later….


In his excitement at arriving home he completely didn't see the mess, proceeded to walk through it and transferred it on his shoes ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE HOUSE!

My nose picked up the problem first…..I turned from doing the washing up in the kitchen I noticed brown marks all over the floor! Screaming, I demanded my husband stopped moving IMMEDIATELY!

What a mess.

I think I need Art of Clean pronto……..”

Dear Serena

Thanks for getting in touch. It does sound like you need our help as soon as possible. The staining on the carpet – like you pointed out is not healthy as bacteria will start breaking the staining down and this is not healthy for your unborn child. The best way to treat this is by rinsing it (steam cleaning) from the carpet. We will apply a sanitizer to the carpets to get rid of the smell.

Our truck mounted cleaning system will also ensure the dirty air gets vented outside the property rather than in your home keeping a healthy living environment.

Please call us on 01223 863632 when it is convenient and we can schedule a visit or you.

Warmest Regards and thanks for choosing Art of Clean


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