Friday, 19 September 2014

Hardwood floor repair and restoration in Cambridge

With changing trends many people are going back to choosing hardwood floors over carpet in their homes. There are many benefits, they're easier to clean, more resistant to spills, don't harbor allergenic material....and most of all they look stylish!

We recently completed work on a floor that needed total restoration.  It was found, hidden under old carpet and and paint in quite a state.  This required a lot of work but the results were very satisfying.  And if you have ever tried to do this yourself you will understand what I mean a by a LOT of work.
They wanted the entire floor sanded and oiled to give it a rustic look.

Firstly we had to remove all the paint and sanded the boards right back to remove all the build up of dirt, grime and previous seals revealing the wood in all its glory. Some areas were so damaged they needed replacement.

 Here you can see Pierre finishing the boards with a hand sander.

And here you can see the transformation after the sanding and repair work is completed.

Following this Paul applied the oil to protect the boards.

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Here's a great video that compares the advantages of oiling wood floors to lacquering: