Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New baby? Give your baby a royal entrance to your home

As we've all now probably heard the royals are expecting a new bouncing baby, but it also seems like there are a lot of other expectant parents at the moment.

A lot of changes are afoot for new parents, having a baby can be a very exciting and scary time especially if they are looking forward to having their first child.

So how do you prepare for your new arrival???

You may want to rush out an buy lots of lovely things for your baby...cute clothes, a beautiful cot, toys, rattles, and much more. The list really is endless.

Once you arrive home with all this new baby booty, where will you put it?...Time to start preparing the nursery! This can all be lots of fun.

Create a baby checklist

This will help you be well prepared for their arrival.  After listing the fun things like the shopping and baby names you may also want to think of the practical, down to the ground stuff....literally.

Preparing your home:

Are there hazards? To get the best idea of the the hazards is to get down on all fours and take a good look at your home from a baby's eye view.  You may be surprised just what you come across!  Whats do you find in reach?

  • Cat litter tray? (Faeces is very harmful!)
  • Small bin ( could they reach in a pull something out?
  • Cleaning products? (put they up high out of reach!)
  • Cat toys? (could go in mouth)
  • Plugs/cables?
  • Are there any rust or splintered furniture legs?

You'll be surprised what hazard are! So give your house a once over and move any potential hazards.

Clean your floors.  Your baby will be spending a lot of time adventuring around on the floor so this is important.  Wooden floors aren't so hard to sterilize, using a steam cleaner is a a good way to clean your floor and make sure harmful bacteria is removed.  However the carpet will need a deeper clean.  Carpet fibers not only hold onto dirt but also allergens, so have your carpets deep cleaned before the arrival of your baby, especially if you have pets in the house.

For further information on carpet cleaning and the services we provide please contact us on 01223 863632 or visit www.artofclean.co.uk.  Ask about our Maintenance Plan if your'd like your carpets to be kept clean and hygenic all year round.