Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Fed up with your vacuum cleaner? Don't know which one to choose? SEBO V's Dyson!

We have been using SEBO vacuum cleaner since we started our business. SEBO is a German brand and is really robust. We have always recommended SEBO vacuum cleaner to all our client.

Last year, Mel was happy to take on the challenge: SEBO V's Dyson... Facebook followers also commented saying they prefer Dyson! Let's see if Sebo is a better and more professional vacuum cleaner!?

This is what Mel found after 5 days using Sebo and Dyson.

Let's the SEBO/Dyson battle commence...

Day 2: SEBO V's Dyson...Bit of a disaster one of the kids (they wouldn't admit which one) left muddy foot prints all over the cream carpet last night in the lounge – so this morning I have given the SEBO another go – and yes it cleaned it up on first sweep, I couldn't test the Dyson as there was nothing left to test! Will be testing both on lentils and rice tomorrow, will be interesting to see the results...

Day 3: SEBO v's Dyson - here's where I test the two at picking up lentils and rice - interesting results, the SEBO sucked up all of the lentils and then swiftly deposited them on the floor and the Dyson picked them all up.

Day 4: Today I decided to continue the SEBO v's Dyson challenge, and the Dyson performed better when picking up dog hair from a stairs carpet - can the SEBO redeem itself? The SEBO worked really well on lifting off the dry mud, where as Dyson left a few particles of dirt.

Day 5: Today I tried out both of the vacuum cleaners on multiple surfaces, the SEBO worked much better, and I have to say for carpet I will consider buying a SEBO in future, it just seems so much more robust, it's never going to win assethetically but I was really pleasantly surprised by the SEBO. Pierre you won!

Mel is now convinced that SEBO is THE Vacuum Cleaner!

We love so much our vacuum cleaner and we really believe that it will change your cleaning life! Try it for a week and tell us what you think! For more information, you can go to or give us a call on 01223 863632.