Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My rug has got colours change throughout? Has it been bleached? What is it?

What is abrash? It is when colours change in horizontal bands throughout the rugs. A band of light pink, for instance, may lie between larger areas of dark pink. The colour-variation is called abrash.
Most often abrash is caused by variation in dye lots and often happened when the rug is woven in relatively primitive conditions. It can also be that the wool absorbs dye a little differently.

The light pink on the picture may result from a batch of loosely spun wool that absorbed less dye.
We sometimes get rugs that are so dirty that it is not possible to see the abrash. After the clean, the dirt is removed and you can see the lines of colours very clearly. 
If you are not sure if this is abrash or not, you just need to check the back of the rug and if you also see the colour variation at the back, then this is definitely abrash.