Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Leather care. How to clean your leather?

Like any furniture, leather should be kept clean and free from dirt and grime, which can be abrasive and cause it to wear or fade more quickly.
Avoid direct heat from fires and radiators; you should also avoid strong direct sunlight too.  These things will cause your leather to fade far quicker.

How to care for your leather? Leather cleaning in Cambridge

Below are the general care points and instructions for spot cleaning and for spills:

-    Vacuum, brush or dust weekly, to remove dust and light surface soiling

-    Avoid all household cleaning products for any use on leather as they will build up an
unpleasant sticky feel to the leather

-    Light scratches and marks may be polished or rubbed out with a clean dry cloth. Do not rub too hard

-    Dust and light dirt or grime can be removed with a damp clean cloth

-    Cushions should be plumped regularly and  rotated to ensure even wear.

-     Avoid greasy lotions coming into contact with your leather as in certain circumstances this may damage the surface of the leather.

-    Leather does not need 'feeding' or 'waxing' to keep its natural beauty as moisturisers have already been added during the tanning stage.

-    Remember to protect against damage from direct sunlight, excessive heat and from sharp objects.

-    It is important not to soak the leather at any time while cleaning

-    Spills and Spot Cleaning
Liquid-based spills should be dabbed off the leather immediately, with a clean soft cloth or absorbent kitchen roll and allowed to dry completely. Once completely dry, if a mark is still visible gently rub and polish with a clean dry cloth. Never use saddle soaps, oils, baby wipes, all purpose cleaners or solvents. Use of these products could damage the finish and lead to costly repairs. You should find that most spills should blot up easily with a clean dry cloth or paper towel.

-    Oil-based spills and stubborn marks can be treated with a solution of mild pure soap, eg Lux Soap Flakes, then rinsed with clean water. Do not soak the leather.

-    Allow to dry completely, this could be a couple of hours or up to 3-4 days. Some minor oil-based spills will disappear into the leather over the following months.

Clean your leather with an approved cleaning solution, monthly if the furniture is heavily used, but at least four times a year, followed by an application of leather protector. This should be done in conjunction with regular professional cleaning.

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