Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas stains - our emergency guide for this festive season

Christmas can be a nightmare for stains around our homes, so we have put a list together of the type of stains you might get in your home.

There are five main types of stains, these include tannin: tea, coffee, beer, wine and perfume, protein; milk, egg, mud, bodily fluids, grass, dye; food colouring, fabric dyes, black current, and oil and dye combinations stains; such as lipsticks, shoe polish and candle wax.

Tannin - If you have a tannin stain rinse with cold water, do not use soap, then wash with detergent if possible. If it’s a carpet, absorb the excess with kitchen paper until it’s gone and then rinse with water, if it’s still not working then call a professional carpet cleaner, and do not rub the area.

Protein – You can use a bar of soap and COLD water on these stains and then washed in warm water with detergent.

Dye – absorb any of the excess dye by patting the area with absorbent kitchen towel, then if possible soak the item in cold water and detergent over night, and then wash in warm water and detergent.

Oil and Dye combinations - These are quite tricky, first you will need to scrap of the excess, and then use a solvent, then soak then soak the dye in cold water and detergent. If it’s wax freeze the area and peel off, and any excess you can get off with an iron and grease proof paper. If you get any of these stains on your carpet, we would strongly recommend you contact a professional cleaning company, rather than attempt to remove the stain yourself.  You can call our emergency cleaning line on 01223 863632.