Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Restoring a painted wood floor in Cambridge

Restoring a wooden floor back to its original beauty can take some time and skill, especially when it has been painted.
Wood floor sanding Cambridge

This week one of our professional wood floor technicians, Mathew, has been working on removing paint from this wooden floor, see photos.
Removing paint from a pine floor in Cambridge
The first stage was to remove all of the paint from the floor boards, this was quite a time consuming process as the boards were positioned very closely together and the paint had settled in between them. We sanded back the floor and removed as much paint as possible, we avoided using an aggressive sanding process to ensure that we preserved as much as the boards as possible. We always try to find a balance between delivering a high standard of service and what the best method is to preserve the wood floor.
Stripping a pine floor
In order to counteract the problem of space between the boards we had to put in aceot filler before the final sanding and filling of the boards.
After we had filled and sanded the floor we then applied a natural oil, we chose Pallmann Magic oil as it’s the best oil for sealing floors, as it has a natural hard wearing finish, which will not require it to be completely sanded back each time it receives wear and tear, it also enables you to work in a localised are if there are problem scratches at a later stage. It also takes half the time to dry compared to a traditional lacquer, four hours instead of eight.
If you would like to find out more about having your wood floor cleaned and resealed then why not contact our flooring team on: 01223 863638