Thursday, 16 December 2010

Carpet Bag, Rug Bag in Cambridgeshire!

We met Loretta from Carpet Bag. She makes these beautifuls bags from rugs. 

We headed out to her this afternoon to go and see what she does after we saw some of her work in a local magazine in Cambridge.

She told us how she started making the bags in the 70'safter visiting "dead stock" auctions and bought mirrors and rugs. She washed the rugs in a bath... later in a big washing machine and later on in big industrial machines. This made the rugs nice and soft to make it easier to work with. She sold the bags in London at Harrods and other stores.

Loretta later stopped selling to large stores and started selling them direct.

She also showed us some of the first bags she made also the first machine she used to make them.

Truly an amazing story.

We ended up buying a bag for a special friend and will soon send it over to her...

We hope she will take a picture with her and her bag and we will then upload it to our blog.

We would like to thank Loretta again for her time and sharing what she does.