Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Create your own rug and if you need any rug repair, we found Persian Carpet Studio in Suffolk!

We had the pleasure to meet Jo at the Persian Carpet Studio from Suffolk on Friday the 26th of November. http://www.persiancarpetstudio.co.uk/

It was great to see how you can design your own rug and how they repair rugs.

You are able to create your own woven rug. They have got software that does it for you. You choose the design, the fibres (silk, wool...). I really think this is a great idea for Christmas. Jo told us that it takes around 3 weeks to have it done. So this is a great time to do it if you want it for Christmas.

The workshop is open to public so we recommend that you stop by! During your visit they will explain how a oriental rug is made on a loom like the one below.

They can repair any type of rug.On Friday the lady was repairing fringes.

Have a look at their website: http://www.persiancarpetstudio.co.uk/