Sunday, 31 October 2010

Before and after pictures from trip to Addis Abbaba / Cleaning and sealing a terracotta floor

Cleaning Tile and stone is a truly rewarding experience. It offers you the opportunity to see a real transformation not only on the items you clean but also your client’s face when they see the difference.

It is also not every day that someone gets the opportunity to travel to another country to do cleaning there.

Pierre just returned from a trip to Ethiopia following a job cleaning a terracotta floor in The Italian Restaurant of a High class hotel in Ethiopia with Russell Taylor of Tile Doctor.

Click here to see Tile Doctor's blog and video

Before and after pictures:
Terracotta floor before the clean:

Terracotta floor after the clean and seal:

We are looking forward to a night out on the town to experience the local flavour. We will be going with Brouke (Broukie for short) and Woderson (Wondy for short) – They were our helpers over the past 2 weeks. We had a great night out with local food and drink.

Sunday 25th September:
I just woke up from a nice long lie-in.... can it be...its 12:00

I am sure we will have a lazy day and get ready to head out tomorrow morning for about 7am so we get to the airport on time...