Saturday, 6 November 2010

Anthea Turner and Art of Clean

Anthea Turner the ultimate domestic goddess certainly knows a thing or two regarding keeping her stunning home clean and tidy. As you may have seen on her BBC3 show ‘Perfect Housewife’ nothing is out of place and everything is perfectly organised in her home. Anthea believes there is never an excuse for a chaotically-run house and now we can let you into one of her secrets of keeping her looking so beautiful … the ‘Perfect Care’ Maintenance Plan which is available from Art of Clean of Cambridge

Pierre and Laurence de Wet, owners of Art of Clean, explained Anthea wasn’t really told how to care for carpets from her supplier and after hearing all the ‘Old Wives Tails’ about cleaning she wanted to find the perfect system to look after all the carpets in her own home. So Anthea contacted the UK’s leading expert on carpet cleaning, Paul Pearce, Technical Director of the National Carpet Cleaners Association for his advice.

Paul was able to explain how regular maintenance of carpets not only gives you great looking carpet and prolongs they life, a well maintained carpet improve the indoor environment of your home. Paul assured Anthea “Studies have proven a clean carpet is like a filter to the home and will help trap airborne particles until you are safely able to remove them by vacuum or professional cleaning … so if your carpets are clean so is the air in home is cleaner.”

Paul, an international instructor in carpet cleaning went on to say “All the old myths and wives tales about carpet cleaning may have had for some truth in the 60’s or 70’s, thankfully they are no longer true. Today carpets and how we maintain them as advanced so much we can now leave carpets almost dry before the cleaner leaves, and the homeowner will notice both a clean, soft carpet and a fresh, healthy room”.

Anthea was recommended to use the service of the ALLTEC SelectTeam, a national network of professional cleaners that Art of Clean is the member for Cambridge. Anthea was so impressed by both their carpet cleaning and professional business approach when she had her own carpets cleaned she agreed to endorse the SelectTeam’s ‘Perfect Care’ Maintenance Plans.

Anthea said “I recommend the ‘Perfect Care’ Maintenance Plan from the ALLTEC SelectTeam as I understand how important cleaning is in the home and as we all lead busy lives I appreciate a great professional, reliable service … and that’s what you get from the SelectTeam members and continued service all year round.”

If you think carpet is something that is only done once the carpet has changed colour with dirt, by a guy with buckets of water maybe you would you benefit from a free ‘Healthy Home Audit’ from Art of Clean.

A ‘Healthy Home Audit’, explained Pierre, is free advice on how best to look after and maintain the furnishings in your home to help keep the family healthy. Often people will request to have the downstairs carpet cleaned only, but if you think that we all spend between a quarter to a third of our lives in just one room … the bedroom … the upstairs is important to look after as well. On the Audit we ask a number of questions before giving you a free printed report with your suggestion on how to keep your home health.

If you decide to go ahead and have cleaning done, a fully trained professional cleaning will give you what Art of Clean call “The most thorough cleaning you’ve every seen of it’s FREE!” This guarantee means if you are not delighted with the clean they will reclean for free, if you are still not happy the will refund any money paid to them.

Of course you may choose just a one off clean, but a lot of Art of Clean’s client prefer the easy and peace-of-mind of joining the ‘‘Maintenance Plan". The plan give you all year round clean carpets by deep cleaning your carpets once a year, with a free ‘high-light’ clean for the walk ways in 6-month and free unlimited spot and stain call outs.

For more details in the ‘Maintenance Plan" contact Pierre de Wet on 0800 2316116, 01223 863632 (Cambridge) or visit