Friday, 27 February 2009

What a Day

Today’s post will be pretty short as I am typing with one less finger as it is out of action due to work related injuries.
The day started with a super networking event in Cambourne where quite a few people attended. I met a interior designer and a property searcher who both seem to be good for starting a possible joint venture with. I will tell you all more about that on another post.
After the networking event I went to visit a client where Steve and our new recruit, Ashley, was cleaning.

The client was real happy to see me and we had a great conversation on customer service and a lot of other things.
Ashley then came with me and Steve went on to the next carpet cleaning job. Ashley and I started cleaning windows at about 11:45.

The idea is to get Ashley trained up on the window cleaning so we can have the service delivery system in place for marketing this on a full scale.

We started the 1st job together and I quickly realised he had what it take to clean by himself - so - I decided to go and deliver some window cleaning leaflets in the surrounding area.
Well I had only 4 leaflets left when it happened. As I stuck my hand with the leaflet wrapped around it a big mixed breed dog unexpectedly grabbed hold of it. 1st reaction is to pull back - this was quite painful. I ended up going to the doctors in Cottenham while Ashley carried on cleaning the windows.