Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Carpet, Upholstery and Tile floor quotes in Luton

I had to quote for Carpet cleaning for a client that is in particular need of a eco-friendly carpet clean. I made them aware of some limitation to reseals and explained that certain stains might require a bit more of a “detergent based” clean that would make that specific stain removal less eco-friendly. They where really happy with the information I could provide.

Then I was off to quote a carpet in what I believe is a rental property. Client was not there but I got the key from the neighbour. Went in to measure up and will be contacting the client tomorrow with the price for cleaning.

Then I was off to quote a bedroom carpet. (teenagers room) the room is due for a refurbishment and I advised as it will be a teenagers room again it is likely to get stained with some makeup/drink spill so it might be better and more cost effective to have it cleaned after the refurbishment to the room has been completed. Client was relay pleased to hear we clean tile floor as well and requested a quote for cleaning and sealing a quarry tile floor.

It was then off to get home. On the way I stopped by Alltec in Fowlmere to pick up some cleaning solution to remove chewing gum from a school carpet on Saturday and also get my in-line sprayer repaired.

I then got home for about 5:30 and had to return 2 dining chairs and 2 rugs to a client who turned out really pleased with what we have done for her.

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