Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Art of Rug Cleaning

Cleaning a hand made rug is a art that only a very few can take on and successfully achieve.

We spent a big part of our budget on training and investing in state of the art equipment to achieve the results all of our clients require. We believe in over achieving on every clients expectations. It is always such a rewarding experience to deliver a freshly cleaned rug to a client, unwrap it if front of them and see the happy faces when they see the results.

With this piece on my blog I would like to point out so many of carpet cleaners (even Franchises) call themselves professional rug cleaners - all they do is only apply there knowledge of carpet cleaning to rugs. Sometimes with truly unfortunate outcomes. Many of these cleaners will come and clean your carpets and rug in your home. This leaves your rug/s wet on your floor. The problem here is the likelihood of shrinkage and colour run. Carpets and rugs are two total different animals in every aspect.