Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I am a member of the Cambridge Business breakfast Club or CBBC (pronounced “C””Bee””Bee””S”) and this morning was my turn to give an informative 10 minute presentation on our business.

As Education lies at the heart of our business I decided to make all in our networking group aware of the benefits of carpet as a floor covering.

I demonstrated this by setting a romantic dinner scene. I had two volunteers. Julius Hill of JLS mortgages and Martin Lipscombe of Nash Mathews

Marten had a piece of carpet on his plate and Julius a tile.

I then started mixing dry flour representing dead skin with other dry items like cinnamon, pepper and so on each representing some sort of dry soil that can be tracked in to the home.

After working this into the carpet I used a hairdryer to demonstrate what will happen in each of the cases.

I still feel really bad that Julius got totally covered in the flour mix – Poor man – he had to go and see a client shortly after the networking event.

I am truly sorry Julius!!!

Hope all of you enjoyed it?

Maybe you can post your comments here if you did see it this morning.


IF you mised it

Here is the video on Why carpet is better than any other floor covering.