Saturday, 14 February 2009

As we are part of an amazing group of carpets cleaners that is more like friends that network partners we have regular meetings to discuss our businesses and learn from each other.

This time round the meeting was held over in Portsmouth and our host was Charles of Clean Plan services. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Charles for all the hard work and lovely location he has arranged for us to have our meeting.

It was a fun Fact-Filled day where we came up with some great ideas.

Unfortunately bad luck has come on to me. As I left the Hotel early this morning (Saturday 14/02/09) the windscreen was still not cleared from all the frost although I sprayed it with De-icer. As I was following Charles and did not want to lose track of him I thought I would quickly pull over and clean the screen again. Not seeing a high sidewalk I drove straight into it and this broke the power steering hose straight off. Charles came back to help out but we decided to use his van and go straight ahead to go and badger his rugs.

On return we realised as it is Saturday we will not find a place that would be able to fix it. Although Chris Bailey of Carpet Care in Leicester – His father was so kind to try and fix it but he pointed out the part would need to be ordered in.

Long story shore – I decided to phone the RAC.

Well watch the video to learn more

I got home at about 6pm.