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Reasons why you should get your carpets and upholstery cleaned

To most of us carpet cleaning only should happen when it really visibly needs a clean. In my 11 years in business I have seen the sad reality that following this principle to only clean when it looks dirty has a massive impact on the use life of the carpet and upholstery.

Reasons you should strongly consider getting your carpets and upholstery cleaned

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Do a simple test - move your bed in the master bedroom about 3 foot away from the wall at the head rest end - look at the carpet at the edge of the skirting board. See the layer of dust? Where does it all come from.

Well do you know that each human sheds 250 gram of dead skin every year. You spend most your life laying in your bed - that's where the dust comes from.

On top of this, do you know that the main food for the dust mite is dead skin scales - your dead skins scales and that of your family?

Do you have allergic reactions or you or someone in your home suffer from asthma?

Well here is what is happening deep inside the carpet fibres under your feet...

You and your family sheds 250 gram of skin every year - for a family of 5 that is a whopping 1.25 kg of skin scales.

Dust mites live on the skin - they produce a protein that while they chew on the skin breaks the cells down, this enzyme is digested with the skin. The droppings are very tiny and can easily get airborne. By allowing some activity on the carpet or on your bed  (for those active people amongst us) the droppings gets into the air and you breath it in. As it enters your lungs it gets trapped in the moisture inside your nose and lungs - just as nature intended. This is our protection mechanism

Now do not breath a sigh of relief - as there is now major trouble...

Remember the enzymes the mites produce to break down the skin they eat - some of this is in their droppings. This now re-activates in the moisture in your lungs and start breaking down the tissue on a microscopic level in your lungs.
This is what cause asthma!

Well well you might think - let's get rid of the carpet... Easy

Do you know that carpet acts as a trap and filter in the home? That's right it keeps all the nastiest down ready for you to vacuum it up and getting it cleaned up by a professional.

A study was done in Sweden several years ago to see if removing carpet from a home will reduce allergic reactions or asthma attacks. It turned out hard floor cause much more allergic reactions and here is why.

All the dead skin you shed lied loosely on the floor and as soon as a light breeze come into the room it gets arbour be very fast meaning you breath it in very easily

I presented this concept at a networking meeting at the Lion and Lamb pub in Milton several years ago. Here it is ... Though it is funny the reality is no laughing matter.

Further evidence and scientific evidence proof can be found by searching for Dr John Moander,s work at Cambridge university.

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