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Art of Clean Winter's Newsletter

Lost and Found Dream

From the time I was in the third year at school, I knew I wanted to be a writer.  After winning an award for my story that was chosen to be hung on a board for a House auction, I spent much of my free time writing wild stories of strange creatures, kids’ fun adventures and poems of how I felt about my world.  I dreamed of seeing my stories in magazines and books.  I wrote all through school that year.  In the fourth year, I continued to write, and I put them all into a notebook so I could carry them around and write whenever I felt like it.

When I started the fifth year, my English teacher was Mrs. Foster.  She was the best teacher I’d ever had.  She always had something nice to say about everyone, and she never failed to say it out loud.  I loved her so much that I showed her my notebook and what I had been writing ever since the third year.  When she returned my stories to me, she had written encouraging notes on them praising my imagination and skill, which made me feel really great.
One day during class, a classmate found my notebook of stories and hid it from me.  A friend in my class told me that she’d seen a boy pick up my notebook while I was on the other side of the room working on a group report.  I confronted him, but he pretended like he didn’t have any idea what I was talking about.  No matter how much I pleaded, he claimed he hadn’t seen it.  I looked everywhere and couldn’t find my notebook.  All of my stories were handwritten, and I had no other copies.  I was completely devastated.  I finally gave up on ever seeing my stories again, until one Friday a few weeks before the school year ended.

“Kathy, I wonder if we could talk,” Mrs. Foster asked.  As my friends went to wait for me in the hall, I walked over to Mrs. Foster’s desk.  She smiled at me and then pulled out a binder labelled, “Second Period Class.”  Inside, she browsed through dividers.  On each divider, I could see the names of my classmates.  Finally, she stopped at one.  When she turned the divider, I saw my name.  Inside of my section were my stories.
Astonished, I asked, “How did you find my notebook?”

She shook her head.  “I didn’t find it.  These are my copies of your stories.  I keep all the wonderful stories my students write.  They remind me of each of you and your imaginations.”  She opened the binder rings and pulled out all my stories.  Then she took me down the hall to the teacher’s lounge, where she made copies of each one and placed them in my hands.  They even had her notes on them.

“Don’t give up your dream, Kathy,” she said.  “I didn’t give up on mine.  I always wanted to be a teacher, and here I am.” I was so happy!  I held my stories tightly, thanked her and ran to find my friends.

I did what Mrs. Foster encouraged me to do.  I never gave up on my dream… It takes strength and persistence to follow a dream.  And sometimes, it takes other dreamers to help keep our dreams alive.  I’m glad Mrs. Foster was a dreamer too.    Kathryn Lay     www.chickensoup.com

Secret Passion…

Hi my name is Chloe and I am Nathan’s wife who is operations manager of Art of Clean. This is our little family and I love being a mum to our beautiful children but I have a secret passion…..

I love helping others make their holiday dreams come true! I am personal travel agent and have been sending clients on luxury worldwide holidays for over 10 years now and have been lucky enough to experience a lot of these destinations myself.

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Also your probably thinking well what makes me so special and why would we book our holiday with you....not only do you get my knowledge and ability to help you with your plans but you get the support of a great team behind me at Holidaysplease who are always happy to help and assist when needed.

So what are you waiting for? Let me help you plan your next adventure! It maybe your honeymoon, your wedding abroad, a trip of a lifetime, a special anniversary, your annual Golfing holiday whatever your searching for I can help! 

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5 Steps to staying healthy this winter

Boost your diet: Eating foods that are high in vitamin C will help keep your immune system strong, so include fruit and vegies such as lemons, kiwifruit, capsicum and broccoli in your weekly shop.
If you're struggling to get the recommended two serves of fruit and five serves of vegies each day, try juicing them…
Ensure your diet also includes plenty of lean meats, fish, poultry, low-fat dairy, legumes, wholegrains, nuts and seeds, and use lots of herbs and spices.

Exercise regularly: It's vital to keep your workout regimen up during winter, with a recent study showing that a moderate level of regular exercise has a long-term cumulative effect on immune response.
"Regular aerobic exercise, five or more days a week for more than 20 minutes a day, rises above all other lifestyle factors in lowering sick days during the winter cold season," Professor Nieman says.
But don't go overboard. Overly strenuous exercise releases the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body, which can weaken the immune system.

Stay connected: Socialising helps strengthen your immune system by keeping you active and reducing your stress levels, so avoid the temptation to rug up on the couch all winter.
Invite friends over for dinner or host a games night, visit local museums and art galleries, wrap up warm and go for a walk in the park with your family or plan a cinema date with your partner.

Scrub up
Frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading illness as it limits the transfer of bacteria, viruses and other microbes, according to the Mayo Clinic in the US. This is important during winter when we tend to cough and sneeze more frequently. Wet your hands and lather up with soap for 20 seconds to help dislodge germs and rinse well under running water.

Sleep well
Lack of sleep can have a serious effect on your immune system, making you more vulnerable to catching colds. A study from Brazil found lack of sleep can result in a substantial decrease in the white blood cells that help to fight infection in the body. 
Create a relaxing bedtime routine, such as listening to soft music or soaking in a warm bath. Avoid watching TV or using your computer just before bedtime and turn the lights down low an hour before you turn in for the night, as it will boost the release of melatonin in the brain. 
Also try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even on weekends.

The Benefits of Thinking Positively

What does 'think positively' really mean? Quite often when we're going through a challenging time, or we're just plain miserable, we invariably get the advice to just "think positively!"

Sometimes it's difficult to figure out exactly what that means. Does it mean to deny our pain or discomfort? Should we pretend everything is alright? Perhaps, at times, we would prefer to wallow. Surely there must be some merit in wallowing. Indeed there may be, (time heals most wounds) however, at some point we have to pick ourselves up and move on. In order to do so, we must change our mindsets, or attitudes, from being non-productive to those that are positive and progressive… 

Negative feelings and circumstances do exist and often serve as an indication that something is not working, or needs attention. In such cases we must employ positive thinking and use it as a strategy for interpreting what happens to us in a useful, constructive way to make our lives work better. Of course, it doesn't mean denying pain and discomfort. It means making sense of them and using what we can to strengthen our resolve and build resilience muscle.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there is a wide range of health benefits linked to thinking positively. Here are some of them:
- Better overall psychological and physical health
- Lower rates of depression
- Longer life expectancy 
- Lower stress levels
- Increased resistance to the common cold
- Better stress management and coping skills
- Lower risk of heart disease and related death


What To Do In The Garden This Month!

The days are really getting shorter now and it is only a matter of weeks before the shortest day! However there is still plenty to do in the garden to prepare for winter.

Jobs that won’t wait
As long as the ground is not water logged or frozen you can plant herbaceous perennials, shrubs, deciduous trees, roses and fruit trees. Finish planting pansies, wall flowers and forget-me-nots, they need to be in by early November. Also plant tulip bulbs in containers indoors or outdoors.
Clear the boarders of leaves: Fallen leaves between plants provide a great hiding place for slugs and snails. So if you don’t want your plants eaten by those critters remove the leaves from the boarders.
Machinery and tools: With November’s temperatures dropping, grass growth rate slows down. So with not much mowing to do it is the ideal time to get the mower cleaned and serviced. At the same time why not clean, oil and sharpen your garden tools like the spade and hoe.
Windy weather may be on its way so get staking. Check the climbers are secure to fixings such as trellising, stakes and canes. Also check your structures in the garden such as arches pergolas and fencing are in good condition. If they are found to be weak wither repair or replace.
Roses: Collect and dispose of all fallen rose leaves, especially those that are diseased and infected with a fungus such as black spot. DO NOT place rose leaves on the compost heap. Bin them or burn them! Prune tall roses by one third to avoid wind rock damage.


Win A Family Pass To The Local Cinema To See Any Movie Showing Of Your Choice!

This is one of my favourite parts of the whole newsletter!  Each month I’ll give you a new challenge or trivia question.  And the lucky winner will receive FREE movie tickets for two adults and two children.  Enjoy a night out on me with your family!  
   Here’s how to enter!
I’m looking for the best 
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Just send your drawing to me at the address below to win. 
The competition will close on 18th Dec 2016.

Please send your entry to:  Kids Corner Competition, ART OF CLEAN, Denny Lodge Business Park, Ely Road, Chittering, CB25 9PH

Wacky and Amazing Facts!
Gemstone: Topaz
Flower: Chrysanthemum
The name comes from the Roman word ‘Novem’ meaning nine, because it was the ninth month in their Roman Calendar. 
The Anglo-Saxons call November Wind Monath, because it was the time when cold winds began to blow.

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“Excellent quality and service. Very professional and thorough. The technician is very friendly and lets you know about what he is doing.”        
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