Thursday, 8 September 2016

Why use rug protector?!

So you’ve had your carpet cleaned and looking beautiful and you think why should I have it protected?
art of cleanNot only will it protect your carpets, rugs and soft furnishings but it helps keep then looking brighter and cleaner for longer.
Reduces the amount of vacuuming. This means that less cleaning is needed and will in turn extend the life of your carpets and furnishings. Helps keep your home fresher and helps protect against bacteria, damp, mold and odor. It will also reduce the effect of sunlight bleaching. Whilst it does all this thing it will not feel or look any different. The other main issue that worries people is the pollutants and toxins with children and pets. While regularly vacuuming and getting your carpet cleaned does help the proctor that will help the most.

This protector is sprayed liberally all over the carpet to ensure that any soil of fluid spills do not soak straight into the carpet causing staining, allowing you time to clean up the mess before damage is done.

At Art of Clean we us a product called MasterBlends "SuperShield" carpet protector.  This is a a quick-drying protector that offers superior repellant qualities. The great thing anout it is safe to use around your family.  It is Odor free Residue free Non-toxic CFC-free and completely safe. Not all carpet cleaning companies will use this product and it would be advisable to check with the company what products they use before they do the work - this way you can research the product yourself and be sure you are satisfied with the safety of the product. Cheaper carpet cleaners will use cut-price products that usually contain more harmful chemicals

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