Friday, 9 September 2016

Tips to maintain your wooden floors

When you either have your floor restored or invest in new you want the most out of it and these simple tips a can help.

art of clean 1. Regular Vacuuming routine
its already part of your cleaning routine but really does make an impact into the condition of your flooring. We don’t necessarily realise but fine dirt and grit rub on the floor like sandpaper. Make sure when vacuuming to use the right attachment with brushes to minimalise marking to the floor. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner a dust mop or mirco fibre sweeper. We would recommend. Pallman clean and go wood floor cleaning kits. Very simple to use and quick drying, can be used on a variety of floors and is pH balanced.

2. Watch out for sprays
Hair spray and furniture polish isn’t something you automatically think of but the buildup can begin to dull the appearance of your floors. Wipe your floors immediately remembering not to use any products that has ammonia in it.

3. Water
art of clean
 Excessive water whether it be a spilled drink or boots drying from rain it will ruin the finish of your boards but be absorbed and staining the wood. If you see any water mop up as soon as you can to prevent any damage.

4. Always Remove residue
When cleaning do it as soon you see the dirt before they get permanently ground in and mark your floor boards. Although tempting a little cleaning liquids goes a long way and too much can do as much harm to your floor boards as good.

5. Know the rules about using waxes and restorers.
Of course you can use wax to help restore the appearance of your floor but before you get waxing make sure your floor isn’t varnish  or polyurethane floor as very slippery which can be dangerous. Its always best to do a test patch to make sure it doesn’t react and damage tour flooring.

6. A doormat.
This is a really simple but brilliant idea that can protect your flooring whether it be carpet rug or wooden floors. Use a doormat or a off cut of carpet when kneeling to do spot cleaning it will reduce the risk of scratching or transferring more dirt onto floors.

7. Rug
Over time high traffic areas get worn down and a floors finish loses its appeal, the easiest way to prevent this is a rug. Remember to get a rug grip that is breathable as rubber ones can trap dirt and humidity which could do more damage to your floor then good.

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